Damsel In Defense Blog in 20 countries!

Hey all,

I get thousands of views on the Damsel in Defense blog, but I’m particularly pleased when I see views from other countries.  Hopefully that means it’s being shared.  I read those numbers and just hope that someone somewhere is safer because of something they’ve read.  It’s been nearly two years now.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to write here.   It has helped me a lot to be able to come here and write whenever I’m upset by another news article about another rape or child molestation that could have been prevented by awareness.

Make sure and keep yourself, your children, and others and other people’s children safe.

In short:

1.  Educate yourself, get self defense training, and exercise due diligence in research on self defense weapons.

2.  Keep an eye on your children. Both eyes in fact!

3.  Help educate others as you can.

4.  Keep an eye on children that are without supervision in stores or other crowded areas.  Help them find their parents.  Even if you creep them out, they’ll learn not to lose track of them.  Every kid protected may result in many more being protected.

5.  Keep reading and find other great blogs and finding the best tools and stay in a damsel in defense mindset!

Protecting kids. Protecting ALL kids.

In my opinion A Damsel in Defense isn’t only responsible for defending herself.  I’m tired of seeing kids molested in the news when a simple parent’s eye could have prevented all of it.

For instance, recently a man was arrested for taking pictures up a four year old girl’s skirt in Deseret Industries.  This man was holding the four year old by the arm while sticking a phone up her skirt.  Where was the parent?   Pedophiles and attackers are everywhere.  Use family watch dog to check your neighborhood. Teach your kids how to scream. And first and FOREMOST don’t take them out and expose them to strangers if you aren’t going to keep your eyes on them!  The effects of child sexual abuse go on for a long time.  Why do people have more children than they can protect?

Also…you may not have trouble protecting your kids, but you may see kids who aren’t protected, and here is what I do about it.

If you see a kid wandering in a store, you can do what I do and keep an eye on them till they find their parents or help them find their parents.  Sometimes it weirds parents out, but at least it shows that if I could have been following them, someone else could have been.  Someone evil.  Just like rapists are looking for the woman walking alone, walking at night, and without confidence, pedophiles are looking for kids who aren’t protected, who are alone, who look uncared for economically or otherwise.

Not all victims offend, but most offenders were also abused.  If we can prevent more children being abused, we should be able to prevent more abuse happening in our world.  Protection and love for children is the answer.

I can’t stand what happened at DI.  I can’t stand that no one was watching, until he’d gotten this far.  I know we are all imperfect, but it’s time to step up our paranoia over our children’s sexual safety, and even the safety of other people’s children if that’s what it takes.  You can stop a soul from being damaged and hurt, and you’ll never know how far that will reach, who that will end up protecting.  Thank goodness someone did catch that man, and he’s in jail.